Code of conduct of The Timok club


As a civil society organisation organization that strives to be efficient and responsible, we will be clear and open about our work and aware of our social responsibility.

In particular:

1. We will clearly notify our goal and strive to always be an appropriate to current conditions:
2.We will be specific in terms of needs that we intend to meet and in the way that we will achieve it;
3.We will effectively manage and direct resources and do work what we said we would do;
4.Evaluate the performance of our work, will improve performance and respond to complaints fairly and promptly;
5. We will discuss on how to  fulfill our duties and inform those to whom we are responsible to;
6. We will be clear about the standards which  we will abide in the work ;
7. We will be open in terms of arrangements that will involve our users;
8. We will have an open process of nomination of members of management body;
9. We expose the role and responsibilities of members of our management body;
10. We will have clear arrangements for recruiting and training volunteers, support and management;
11 We will make sure that our business policies and practices have no discrimination and that they do not result in any other forms of unfair behavior / actions;
12 We will have an open staff and will reward them fairly we will be good employers.